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Organization framework of emergency party branch



Party branch full set of work flow chart

1. Procedure chart for the election of branch members;

2. The Branch Committee will report the working procedure chart to the party members' conference;

3. Party branch decision-making process;

4. Hold the meeting procedures of the Party branch committee;

5, held the democratic life of Party branch members procedure chart;

6, hold the party branch (party group) organization life program chart;

7, the party group meeting procedure chart;

8. Flow chart for determining and training active Party members;

9. The Party members' meeting discussed the flowchart of accepting probationary party members;

10. Flow chart for the conversion of probationary party members;

11, party members thought report procedure chart;

12. Procedure chart for handling unqualified Party members;

13. Party member appraisal procedure diagram;

14, holding the party oath ceremony procedure chart;

15. Procedure chart for democratic evaluators;

16, pay the party fee procedure diagram。





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The hospital officer spoke faintly

The hospital officer spoke faintly

Published by Nantong First Hospital

Published by Nantong First Hospital